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tv   KRON 4 News Special Edition  KRON  February 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> reporter: welcome back to our continuing coverage. the quest for the comeback this is video from the mission district. courtesy of our helicopter a partnership with abc seven. the police are staging a large amount of police. i know there are going to be double the amount compared to one the 49ers a celebrated in the month of october. >> pam: a san francisco city officials have made a point of stressing to everybody they want you to have fun but they do not want any signs of the violence. the bonfires. the police chief is going to have doubled the amount of the police force.
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even all low level fire works being set off. we do not know how police are going to respond but nonetheless there have been people being warned to not to set fires. for that very purpose to let the people that own businesses to let them know that there will be taken care of and the police to be out in force. >> this is harrison the near 24th. those folks are getting some fireworks. with a huge police presence. i can only imagining that that black out will get people even more excited if they are able to continue this come back. this city is going to explode >> pam: the want to show san francisco as a world-class
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citykron4's alecia reid is live on polk street in san francisco. >> reporter: pam, if it has been quite a game. it impacted us for about an hour and the momentum is coming back. the fans are definitely cheering on the on motions or running high. and everybody is on their feet. you can see that everybody is cheering on the 49ers people are drinking and having a blast. the energy is on high. even if they are not a football fan you cannot help but to get into the momentum and the feeling. the 49ers are fighting to come back from such a huge lead. the fans behind to be are on edge! it is so crazy how the dynamic
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changed. everybody was just sitting are round but once halftime came are round. and the team came back, everybody has been on their feet! back to you in the studio. >> with changes muni is being impacted. lot of changes to buses and street-cars. here's what you need to know. the 5, 9, 71 and f-line are running on mission street between van ness and the ferry building. no service on market street from van ness to the ferry building. busses will operate on the f-line instead of the historic street-cars. the 2, 6, 21, 31, 38 and 38l will all stop before market street. passengers can transfer to the subway or other routes for service to the embarcaderro. also, the 14, 14l and 49 will operate on south van ness instead of mission between 11th and 25th streets.
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and the follwing lines will have limited service: 2, 6, 21, 30, 31, 38, 45 these changes started today at 5pm and will last until the end of the night or as crowds clear. >> pam: kron 4's rob fladeboe is in south of market neighborhood of the city. outside pedro's cantina. checking in with police as they prepare for potentially rowdy fans. >> reporter: if you remember there were is some violence on the world series celebrations. it the police are going to see to it that nothing happens like that there are a lot of police and the market district. as you can see this man is handcuffed and detained. that is what we're going to see her. i am outside the pedros cantina. many people have been
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getting into pedros. when things a lot out earlier or later, the police will be ready. reporting from the market area, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> pam: san francisco mayor ed lee watching the game with 49er fans at the newly re-opened gold dust lounge. along the embarcadero. the mayor was sporting a 49ers cap and red shirt. he and his wife had a couple of beverages, while posing for pictures with a big game cake. lee said, s-f-p-d is out in full force across the city especially in the mission district. he tells kron 4, he is in constant contact with police chief greg suhr. if the police have got it handled with extra officers. they are doing to make sure that nothing builds at any pressure points. i think that we are doing a great job and respect yourself and each other while we celebrate. 18 years since
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they have been here. "we been here" "the police have got it handles and they've got extra officers. they are doing things down there to make sure nothing builds i think they're doing a since we've been here. >> pam: kron4's charles clifford is live in san francisco's >> reporter: let me show you that there are more groups of people walking around north beach. try to find someplace to watch the game. also the san francisco police department is out. they have a arrested one person. perhaps he had too much to drink. the officers are still in north beach. making sure that everybody is having a good time and there will be out here. it has been calm the 49ers
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have a little bit of momentum more details coming up, later. charles clifford, kron 4. >> the weather has been a nice. super bowl sunday, with clear conditions for tomorrow. sunshine and 80 wand some changes. but in the meantime, look for morning it clouds. they sunny day on wednesday and the chance for a light rain on thursday. just eight traces of in its test-trace this of rainfall >> pam: we will be right back. >> pam: we will be right back. ao
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kron 4's special coverage of super bowl 47 continues now.
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34-29 = baltimore ravens but still there is some time. we are getting a lot of comments on our facebook fan page some of what our fans said cold 49ers still a lot of time. that time i it diminishing. i love that from the comeback from a power outage. we would like to see your comments, and your images. e-mailed them
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>> pam: this is a live picture of the superdome in new orleans and north beach. less than four minutes and the announcement of a new champion we're hoping it is going to be the san francisco 49ers we will be right back for over 60,000 california foster children,
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now with a special report. >> pam: welcome back. we
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have special coverage with news crews throughout the bay area and live in indoor landand to live in new orleans. we're hoping that we're hoping for a great comeback. grant we are on the edge of our seats. >> this is when your heart beats a little bit faster. frank before gore... just got the football to the 7 yd line. when you combine the black out with that comeback this super bowl is unbelievable. >> people are not going to forget the super bowl is because it that black out to please on the ropes. people already thought that this was over. and if the light went out in portions of the super bowl. we were never
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completely in the dark but i've lost power. the entire media row also lost power. we did not know what was going on but we knew that the lights for office. everybody collectively said how bad was this? you can see that these beautiful light set out side it has been about like that for one week there is no security but he knew that something went wrong when some of those lights went out, perhaps every third light. that is when he said something is not right and that is exactly the case. from one minute, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, the only time they could agree was when they took too long to return the lights. they initially
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walked over to the sidelines and got a break. this was a bit of a brick for both teams, there were stretching, tossing balls back and forth. and the public announcer said 15 minutes. that is when they continued to boo it was an artfully 20 minutes. >> pam: will is and the new orleans and let us check-in with charles clifford. with less than two minutes left in the game. >> i am outside >monte's in green street. they could
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pull ahead people are very excited. it has been a standing-room-only. all of these bars are standing room only the second half is much more enjoyable than the first half. they are keeping an eye on things. the officers have been checking things out and shortly we should find out who will win this game. reporting from north beach, charles clifford, kron 4. >> pam: charles, with just less than the two minutes are you hearing some screaming that night club behind you? >> reporter: yes! these people have been waiting for our is getting ready to see what happens. everybody in sight is also on their feet. a very exciting
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>> reporter: is very heavy police presence and north beach? >> yes, there are three heavy ofcops right next to me. let us go to the mission district with dan kerman. >> we are here in the mission district at 24th/mission. a lot of police have been here for the past 35 minutes. san francisco want to make it clear if you want to be celebrating? they do not want any trouble like they did during the world series. twice as many officers as they did last time. in addition, the streets are closed. admission and 24th. they are ready depending on what ever happens. depending on what happens.
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>> dan kerman from the mission district and now, justine weaken check-in with her later but it is less than two minutes. grant are on pins and needles. hoping that the forty-niners can pull it off they only need a few points. >> the 49ers just failed to convert a critical fourth down. frank gore got them there but they did not punch it and. it was fourth and goal and colin kaepernick overthrew it. the 49ers are turning it over the game is not over but that was certainly a key moment. they failed to capitalize but i know that there are is such a range of motions. there were getting pummeled. and the black out. and they
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really perverse to the momentum. this thrilling a comeback. we are not saying that it is not going to pan out but it certainly does not look great right now. >> pam: these are live pictures with a live reporters and standing by. we are all on at to see how this game will end. and with just under two minutes. nobody thought this spent they thought that the 49ers have this they were going to be the victor worse. but the ravens came out so strong 49ers never really established a pattern in the beginning of any rhythm. >> correct they were flat. it is clearly john's
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victory. we are waiting to see if they can somehow extend this good fortune. >> we are going to take a quick break. super bowl 47. the baltimore ravens and san francisco 49ers. ao
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>> pam: the left side and the right side where both crowds have grown in anticipation. it is less than one minute left super bowl 47 to try to stretch the clock. >> the 49ers will get that ball. it looks like the 49ers will have the ball one more time but it looks like the baltimore ravens.. are going to pond tpond
7:42 pm
punt and there will call a timeout. there are 11 seconds left. the 49ers are going to get a run back and maybe a hail mary you should see our live pictures people are holding their breath. i imagine to see what happens in this final seconds of this super bowl. >> it is literally a nail biter. that the nails are getting shorter and shoulder in the mission district. fajita that the parole can sum it up. your hands were on your head in disbelief. and then the black out. how'd do you have a super bowl blackout? and really, the 49ers showing that there
7:43 pm
were made of with a bounce back to, back strong. particularly in the strong third quarter. all of the fans are just waiting, anxious and anxiety. it looks like to ravens is not going to punt. he runs out of the sidelines. with just four seconds we will have to see what happens. so this is safe safety the 49ers get two points. baltimore is up by three points but they have ran 8 scds off ... so this is intricate strategy.
7:44 pm
these are the harbaugh brothers. they have probably been dreaming about this. >> we are watching live pictures on the left side. with the 49ers on the home st. the 49ers in the marina district. with only four seconds left and three points separating. at this point you can begin to see the disappointment. >> reality is starting to set and. >> even if the clock runs out. >> they have to kick after this safety. they're hoping for a miracle. with just four seconds there will be a kick and a return by the 49ers. and you are hoping
7:45 pm
that he can run it back for a touchdown that is where we are the fans are not even yelling they are just stunned. >> we could hopefully wind up in a touchdown. you never know. the first half when the so bad are run the 49ers there are several super bowl parties. everybody is anxious on what is about to happen. we have live reporters in new orleans and bringing you the aftermath and the game. hearing from the game, the festivities once this wraps up. >> as if these fans were not tired enough of baltimore ravens have called a time out. presumably, to get on the same page and
7:46 pm
make sure that this goes in exactly as planned. they do not want to give anybody an opportunity to catch and run. maybe they would to a swift kick with a ticket along the ground and it bounces. instead of a clean check. you never know what john harbaugh is going to do. the raven's head coach got his start as the nfl with a special teams coach for the eagles. there have been some key special points with the running back and here we go. with the kick, the ravens have kicked it off and about the 18 yd line. ted is making his way across and to the 49 yd line and he is tackled. the time expired and the game is over. the 49ers are short.
7:47 pm
34-31. super bowl 47. >> you can see it on the fans' faces the paltz street polk... st but a great game, considering how they came back. the brothers are now shaking hands and imagines that they are there. certainly struggling with how to root for one brother and not the other. what a game, what he sees in this has been. the 49ers it is been remarkable they have nothing to be ashamed of. >> you can see the drastic difference in the motions. the organizations, they have everything they have for one year. just a couple of plays at the end of the game how unbelievable it is. truly, when you consider the 49ers
7:48 pm
change quarterbacks during the season. >> alex smith leading to a great run. and colin kaepernick taking over this was only his 10th start as a professional player. >> he is becoming a fourth quarterback to come back to start a super bowl. that makes history. colin kaepernick has had a remarkable run on this season. alex smith has had handled it change with such class and dignity. he is going to move on to greater pastors. in a quarterback position he certainly deserves great things. >> we have not heard the latticthe latest-from colin
7:49 pm
kaepernick and justin waldman the fans are distraught. >> reporter: people are leaving. as soon as the clock went off there was just silence. one thing i noticed is that some of these people have gone off and the sound are no longer planning they just turned on the radio or whatever it was. ironically disfigure beyonce. they do not want to hear the baltimore ravens celebrate so now it is many people are sad and leaving. many people posting tweets and very sad. she is probably also very drunk.
7:50 pm
and there is always next year. reporting live in san francisco, justin waldman, kron 4. >> pam: and a lot of laws are sat we will be back with more of super bowl 47.
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>> welcome back. the baltimore ravens just beat the forty-niners. 34-31. this is our live shot from the mission. they are going over because there are a couple of areas where people have been setting off fireworks. >> pam: it makes it difficult for the police to
7:53 pm
get to those locations by the time the fireworks hit the ground. that is one of the things that the san francisco officials do not want people doing it. they have also told us that there will be double the amount of officers on the street at this time compared to last time. when the giants won the world series that did not want problems including one happens with these fireworks. we will keep an eye on that and get back with you after. the after the break..
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>> pam: 34-31 of the baltimore ravens have just clinched the victory. >> reporter: the fans are leaving the stadium. the bay area fans have paid a lot of money came up a little bit short. let us talk about the power outage what was your thought? >> the power outage was our chance to get the momentum back. the three of us were back in 1991 and one of us have to stay outside my dad stayed outside of 1990. >> what did you think, sir? >> i was hoping that it
7:57 pm
would change with the 49ers were not doing right. a fantastic team and they were absolutely ridiculous but they show how great the were in the second half. >> the power outages seem to surreal it lasted longer than a lot of us thought. 35 minutes. >> super bowl with a town as great as new orleans it was ridiculous. we thought it was just short term but it was not >> reporter: next year is half hour year harbaugh has gone a closer and closer and thank you for speaking with me. you know, i am outside of the superdome. we are getting more reaction from the power outage. and what it did to the outside lights. this is historic. there will never forget this particular super bowl.
7:58 pm
>> pam: did those lights go out in just the super dome or city-wide? >> just to the city dome. i am not sure the exact details but we're waiting to hear from the authorities. we do know that impacted the super bowl and the superdome. the security guards are outside with no monitoring. he does not even have a radio. we were getting ready for our live shot. i asked him do you know what happened. and he said the only thing i know what happened. and he said the only thing i refor over 60,000ing california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal.
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